Anti-Spam Policy


CRYSTAL CLEAN TEAM AND THE ABUSE PREVENTION COMMUNITY                                             Crystal Clean Team works each day monitoring mail sent from our Servers to ensure against any possible chance of unsolicited email being sent. Our company has consistently taken a leadership role in abuse prevention: Crystal Clean Team is proud to be a member of the Internet Alliance, organization that is dedicated to protecting consumer privacy, curbing unsolicited commercial email (or "Spam"), and promoting responsible email practices.

Email is a critical and effective means of communication for groups like legitimate marketers, publishers, non-profits and small businesses. All users suffer when inboxes are clogged with mail that is unwanted and unrequested, i.e. Spam. Technically, "Spam" is defined as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). But beyond the technical definition, there is confusion: What email is wanted? What constitutes permission? The answer is simple: If we are not 100% sure as a list owner that we are using an email address for the purpose of which permission was given to us, we simply do not send any mail to that recipient. We avoid sending Spam 100%. Crystal Clean Team has a strict Anti-Spam Policy designed to relatively eliminate any possible chance of sending Spam from any system located either within our Servers and Corporate structure of Data Sharing and Data Transmission or within the structure of our Corporation, Agents, Affiliates, Partners or other Authorized Personnel only. As a major, quite popular provider of consumer electronics with an exceptional Customer Care Division, we feel a responsibility towards the strict enforcement of permission-based practices. When a subscriber complains, they are unsubscribed from a list, and these subscriber complaints are investigated by us. This Anti-Spam Policy will tell you about the tools we implement to help make sure that all the internal mail sent within our Corporate structure is indeed, email which is permission-based. This Anti-Spam Policy will also let you know how we enforce our Policies. Crystal Clean Team follows strict permission-based email policies to insure that mail is only sent to subscribers who have asked to receive it. We have invested heavily in extensive measures to prevent unsolicited commercial email from being sent through our services. Crystal Clean Team, at no point in time, will "transmit, disseminate or upload spam, chain letters, junk mail or any other type of unsolicited mass email.

There are several precautions that we take to prevent the possibility of Spam: We require that all lists be confirmed opt-in and provide the tools for your subscribers to confirm their subscription to your discussion group or newsletter, meaning they must respond to a confirmation email sent to them after the user has either subscribed to a list or has been added to a mailing list. All email sent by Crystal Clean Team includes an "Unsubscribe" link that automatically removes the recipient’s address from our list. Any subscriber email addresses that are publicly displayed are encoded on our sites to ensure that email harvesters are unable to collect them. Individuals within our Privacy and Standards and our Customer Care departments are dedicated to monitoring our abuse queues, which alert us to complaints on mail sent through our services, and ensuring the proper use our system.

We provide One-Click Unsubscribe Links in every email we send. You, as a subscriber to mail sent through Crystal Clean Team, can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Crystal Clean Team email or by going to our 'Unsubscribe' page and entering your Email address. Your email address will be automatically removed from our mailing list, although it may take up to 10 business days to process. We also provide Global Unsubscribe to subscribers to mail sent through Crystal Clean Team. This is an easy way for you to unsubscribe from all mail sent through our services. For details, click here and you'll see just how easily you can be removed. If our systems are temporarily down or you suspect, for any reason, that your email address has not been unsubscribed upon request, please contact our Customer Care department for further assistance.

If you feel that you’ve received mail sent through Crystal Clean Team that you did not request, please contact our Abuse Team including a copy of the offending email.

All users can expect that we take Spam very seriously and have spent great efforts to restrict its presence within our daily Corporate mail notification activities. Know that we’ve taken many precautions and have implemented many technological tools to ensure that our staff only send mail to only those recipients that have requested it. Know that we make unsubscribing for any Crystal Clean Team Newsletters and Special Product Pricing Alerts as easy and quick as possible. We mandate that unsubscribe links be included in every email sent from our servers and we make it possible for subscribers to remove themselves from all lists sent from any of our servers. For details, click here and you'll see just how easily you can be removed. Know that our dedicated Privacy and Standards and our Customer Care teams diligently monitor all mail that comes to us with complaints of Spam and complaints of Abuse on our system. We monitor this mail and take action on any violators of our terms of service, strictly enforcing our policy that only permission-based mail be sent through our servers. Know that we ’re very honored to be a major, quite popular provider of consumer electronics on the Internet today, we stand behind our Customer's/Clients' needs and desires not only by providing distribution of particular products, but also by listening to our Customer's/Clients' needs, thoughts and certainly their demands. We’re proud to place the Crystal Clean Team brand in our mailings. And we’re proud to offer product distribution services in a way that curbs the use of Spam and protects users’ privacy and stays true to our partnerships with the Internet Alliance group which is dedicated to protecting consumer privacy, curbing unsolicited commercial email (or "Spam"), and promoting responsible email practices.


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