Description of Services


1. FLOORS: We will mop, wax and vacuum throughout your entire home or office. When we clean a floor you will know. Our simple guarantee: You will NOT find one hair on your floors - anywhere!

2. KITCHEN: We'll clean and sanitize sinks, countertops,, walls, even scrub and polish the appliances. We'll also re-new your cabinets and cupboards from grease and smudges. We'll scrub all granite, linoleum, hard-wood, tile and/or marble floors. Plus, we'll even re-new your stove, dishwasher and countertops.

3. APPLIANCE DETAIL: We also offer complete detailing of all the appliances of your choice, inside and out. This is designed to make your appliances look like NEW in most cases. Besides detailing your stove, dishwasher and countertops, we also detail the hood, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, blender, conventional oven, rice cooker, coffee/espresso machine, etc.

4. BATHROOMS: We spotlessly clean the sinks, mirrors, tubs/showers, toilet's, scrub counters, cabinets, clean rugs and change towels. You will NOT find any hairs on the floors near the toilet's or the bathing areas.


5. ALL OTHER ROOMS: We clean and dust baseboards, ceiling fans, patio doors, pictures, lamp shades, knick-knacks and windowsills. We even make all beds, change bedding, clean all light fixtures, electrical sockets, switches and vacuum all furniture and floors.

6. CARPET SHAMPOOING: Now, Crystal Clean Team can also shampoo and dry-clean your carpets.

7. PATIO DETAIL: We also provide patio detailing, which includes vacuuming and cleaning of all patio furniture and scrubbing the tile/granite flooring.

8. OUTDOOR DECK DETAIL: We also offer an optional wood flooring details available with Johnson's Weather Seal stripping/coating.

9. POOL CLEANING SERVICE: Now, Crystal Clean Team can also handle all your pool cleaning needs. Our pool cleaning services are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

10. HANDYMAN SERVICES: We also offer basic repairs, such as, wall patching, window screening, painting, sheetrock/plastering, ceiling fan installations, minor plumbing, tile/grout work and more, to better serve you.


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